Wednesday, December 5, 2007

almost finished

I am very close to being finished. I narrowed the sleeves by knitting the garter rib with 3.25mm dpns (for an 8" diameter), switched to 3.5mm circs at the stockinette, and then to 3.75mm circs to match gauge with the rest of the sweater. I occasionally had to knit a few extra rows to match the length of the sleeves to the diagram.

I think there is a slight error in the neckband instructions. The pictures in the magazine only show 4 garter ridges (8 rows of knitting) but when I knit the neckband according to the instructions, there were 7 garter ridges showing after folding it in half. I didn't like how tall it was so I ripped out 4 rows and now it looks like the picture in the magazine.

I am working on the front left band and I'm auditioning buttons. The ones shown above are just slightly larger than half an inch so I need to knit the button band slightly wider.

I have these buttons in 2 colours - antiqued silver on the left and antiqued bronze on the right. Which one do you think I should use? (click on the image for a larger one)

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Scholastica said...

Nice! I think I made the collar a little shorter as well, because I used the same size needles as for the body, and I didn't want it to get too tall.

I like the antiqued silver better, since the sweater is blue (cool tones).