Sunday, July 6, 2008

It only took 4.5 mos...

But it's finished and beautiful if I do say so myself.

This is my third completed sweater, my first cardigan, and the only one I've made that fit perfectly. I ended up making the 38" size and then blocking the chest all to heck to make it fit. The sleeves are a great length and I added a little length in the "work even" section to get the ribbing to hit a little lower on my hips.

It's not technically perfect-- there is a small mistake in the cables that I discovered relatively late and didn't bother fixing, knowing I'd likely be the only person to notice. Also, it was my first cable project and I got holes at the base of my cables on the widest "knot". I'm not sure why that happened, but a little yarn and thread to tighten that up after I blocked, etc., and all was well.

All-in-all I'm pleased as punch and just wish it were cold enough to wear here all the time. At least the A/C seems to be full blast everywhere I go these days, so it's nice having it on hand anyway. :)

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