Friday, August 31, 2007

38" size Errata?

I started the sweater a couple of weeks ago and I'm still working on the body. But last night I was reading ahead in the pattern, excited about getting to the cabled yoke. I'm knitting the 38" size and noticed a couple of numbers that didn't work out for me. When beginning the neckband with the size 4 needle, there should be 110 stitches. But then the pattern asks you to pick up and knit 112 stitches from the purl bumps. Both of these sets of stitches need to be the same number if you're going to use a 3-needle bind off. This only seems to be an issue for the 38" size.

Has anyone made this size and could tell me if they found a problem with the numbers?



Michaele said...

Both values should be 110 for the 38" sweater. Don't worry - it worksout alrightq

BeccaU said...

I'm working on this size sweater as well, but I'm not that far yet - if you get the chance I'd appreciate you swinging by my blog - I've got a few questions!