Thursday, August 16, 2007

will felted tweed soften up?

Well, I bought my yarn today - rowan felted tweed in color 152. It's a beautiful shade of teal. The only thing I was concerned about was whether this yarn will soften up because it feels a little itchy. I wonder if I put it in a cream rinse if it'll soften up enough for my sensitive skin? I'm going to knit a gauge swatch and give it a rinse to see. If not, I may experiment with a different yarn. I live in Texas, so I wouldn't mind something with a little cotton content. I'd like to hear what alternate yarns others are using for this pattern.


Katherine said...

At my LYS, they recommended using O Wool
because it is about the same thickness as the Felted Tweed. O Wool has a wool/cotton blend that is really pretty and feels nice, I was considering using that (although it does cost an arm and a leg). But I just got a lot of Dale of Norway Falk on sale, and I think that should knit up to a similar gauge as the felted tweed, so I think that is what I am going to use.
I was also thinking that KnitPicks CotLin might work as a substitute.

sophanne said...

I'm not an official knitalonger- started the yoke before you started!

I'm using Jaeger Aran Tweed and the swatch with size five needles gave me stitch gauge (it may be a little long in row gauge)