Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting The Ball Rolling

Since no one else has posted yet, I'll get us started. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for this post (although I wish I did) because I am at work and I can't remember the password or username to my flickr account (I love and loathe those 'remember me' check-boxes). Anyway, on to the content.

I am working the sleeves first, for a couple of reasons. First, they didn't have the right size circular at the lys. Lame. Second, I hate sleeves. I am on record as stating politely that they 'demand fortitude'. I also usually do them flat so that I can do both at once (because I seem to be the only knitter in existence whose blood does not run cold at the thought of seaming). However, I was so intrigued by the seamless - but with a faux seam (!) - sleeve that I decided to follow directions. Thankfully, the first one is more than halfway done (this is where the picture would be). I will, however, have to add about twenty rows to compensate for my very long reach. Anyway, this way I'll get to the sweater yoke and I'll be like, 'Make two sleeves? I don't have to make two sleeves! I already made them!'

Aside from adding sleeve length, which is so standard for me that I don't even consider it a mod, I'm thinking of adding a dart or two to the bust. Here's the quandary: I'm a 36. The pattern is either 34 or 38. I wound up opting for the smaller size because it was a better fit at the waist and I like my garments more fitted than loose. I'm planning on some aggressive blocking. I'm also thinking that a couple of bust darts, increased in above the waist and decreased out before the cables on the yoke, would not go amiss.



racurac2 said...

what yarn are you using?
I do not have the magazine, but it looks gorgeous, so maybe, maybeeeee I'l do it. Is it too difficult?
Ahhh, and if I knit it I'll do the same trick with the

racurac2 said...

sorry, I'll do the same trick with the Sleeves!