Thursday, August 23, 2007

Size differences

Hello, again! I have some questions about the fit of the arms. Right now I'm working on Rusted Root by Zephyr, which is my first sweater. I've only been knitting for 7 months, so I'm a little bit afraid to start the TYC since it looks so challenging. I checked the measurements of the TYC against my favorite store bought cardigan, and I have some concerns about the fit of the arm.

Armhole (armscye) on the TYC is 12.25 inches / my cardigan is 16". And my arm measures about 12" all by itself, so I'm worried that the armhole will be too small or that it will really stress those stitches with a lot of pulling.

Wrist cuff circumference on the TYC is 9.5 inches / my cardigan is 6". My own wrist is 6" around. So why is the cuff on the TYC so much bigger?

Maybe those who've already knit and attached the arm can clue me in on why the wrist is so large and the armscye so small?

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Jen said...

The sleeve isn't meant to be quite so fitted, but it really does look just fine with that fit. My wrist is also fairly small, though not quite as small as yours and the sleeves are comfortable but not billowy.

As for the sleeve thing, the 12.25 inch measurement is actually the circumference of the sleeve. The way it's drawn on there, they look like they're indicating that measurement as the armhole opening, but it's really not. I'd only worry about the sleeve fit if your bicep circumference is much larger than 12.25 inches.