Sunday, September 2, 2007

Faux Seam

Before starting the pattern, I definitely had misgivings about a few of the elements, including the garter rib and the faux seam.

I considered nixing both of them in favor of regular 2x2 ribbing and no seam, but then I decided to try something new. By the time I had finished the ribbing, I was pretty happy with it.

Now, I'm maybe halfway through the body stockinette, and I'm sold on the faux seam too. I don't have any problem sewing actual seams, but if I get to the end and want to tighten it up a bit I could still do that.


Cheryl said...

That is such a pretty color...what is it?

Scholastica said...

It's Knitpicks Palette in garnet heather.

Cheryl said...

It is gorgeous!

Scholastica said...


Bonnie said...

Interesting. I just frogged my first sleeve this morning, after doing about 11 inches, because I hated the faux seam stitch. I didn't like how it drew attention to itself. It also made the paired increases stand out more, when I would prefer them to be as invisible as possible.

And all along I haven't liked the idea of adding a seam stitch to a sleeve knit in the round, when the beauty of knitting in the round is there are no seams!

So I'm starting my sleeve again, without the faux seam stitch. I'm going to omit it from the body as well.

Scholastica said...

I hated it for the first few inches of stockinette (you can't easily see it in the ribbing), but after 5 or so inches I thought it looked nice. That is...unless you stretch it.

I'm still worried that it will look bad on a moving body, where it'll get twisted and stretched. I'm afraid it will just look like a badly sewn seam. My plan is to just sew an actual seam if this happens, losing a little bit of ease (but not much).

Avoiding the faux seam entirely would also certainly work.

Bonnie said...

I agree, the faxu seam stitch looked OK in the ribbing, but in the stockinette section I just couldn't bring myself to like it. I wanted to clarify I'm not omitting that stitch altogether, I'm just knitting it instead of purling it.

I've begun again, and am much happier with the sleeve!