Monday, September 24, 2007

My Yoke

Here’s my progress on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Instead of starting from the bottom up, I started at the yoke area with a provisional cast on. Later, I’ll pick up there and knit down so I can adjust it to fit. More info on my blog here if you are curious as to why I'm doing it this way. The blue line is just a lifeline, because I'm altering the neck a bit, and will come out later.


Scholastica said...

Okay, that's interesting. I don't see why it wouldn't work--in fact, I'm so impatient to get to do the cable that I wish I'd thought of it. And your cable looks great!

Jen said...

Your yoke looks great! Just a question that you may be able to help me with. I would like to not have the neckline quite as high - would that be as simple as shortening it (i.e. work even until yoke measures 7 inches from joining row, but only going until 6 inches) after the cable yoke part and before the short wrap rows or would that mess the neckline up? Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jen - what I did to make the neck lower in the front was 2 things.

1: Start the short-rows a bit sooner, just as you've suggested. I think I started at 6 1/2" or a little less.

2. Do more shortrows, which brings the back up higher and lets the front sit lower. After doing the 3 shortrows in the instructions, I did 3 (I think) more, just turning when 6 st. short of the last one each time.

I've finished the neckline and like the way it fits. I'll try to get another photo this afternoon for you to see.

Anonymous said...

PS to Jen - I should have said that if you want the neck lower in front and back, you don't need the extra shortrows. I wanted mine to come up high in the back, because my neck gets cold, but a bit lower in the front. If I had just started the shortrows sooner and not added the extras, the back would also have been lower.

Jen said...

Melisa - Thank you for your instruction suggestions! It sounds like it could turn out just like I had wanted it to. I look forward to seeing your pics. Thank you again. I appreciate your help!