Sunday, September 23, 2007

help, please

The yoke directions are a bit scary for me. Here's what it says,
"Return held sts for right sleeve to needle with RS facing" - which needle? the right one or the left? Which held sts? the 19 sts or the 60? Do you knit these held sts onto the needle or just place them on?
"Knit next st of right front tog with first right-sleeve st as k2tog" I guess this depends on the answer to my first question(s). Actually, I hope the whole thing will clear up with these answers.



Mona said...

Here's what I think. Not that I've ever done this before. You've got the sleeve all ready to attach. So knit across the front of the cardigan until you get to where the sleeve joins. At that point, put the armpit stitches of the body on a holder. Then put the sleeve stitches (except the armpit stitches, leave them on a holder) on a spare needle, and knit them so that they are on the main needle. Then go across the back of the body and do the same for the other sleeve. So if you wanted to, you could put the sleeve stitches on a needle before you started this process. It's just that in the sleeve directions, they tell you to put them all on a holder. I think that's so that people can do the pattern without buying multiple needles in the same size.

happy2knit said...

Thanks you Mona! That was a very clear answer. I actually thought that was the way to go (I even put the sleeve stitches on a Denise Cable), but reading the directions as written just confused the heck out of me. This is the second time I have criticized Eunny and her directions, I feel pretty sacrileges.

Dicksie said...

Tia - I have finished the Tangled Yoke cardi. She assumes you're using one long circular needle. You will knit the all front stitches except the last one, which you knit together with the first sleeve stitch as a K2tog; place the underarm stitches (both the sleeve and body) on a holder (these will be grafted together when you finish); knit across the sleeve stitches, knitting the last sleeve stitch and the first back body stitch together, again as a K2tog. Do the same thing when you attach your left sleeve. This makes a nice firm join as well as your first yoke decrease. Continue in StSt until yoke measures 3" to 4 1/4" (depending on which size you are knitting. Here you will do another decrease row. Your next row (WS) is the setup row for the Celtic pattern.

cori said...

I'm at the first line of the celtic pattern on the tangled yoke cardigan. i've never done any cables before so I'm a little nervous.

The instructions say to see stitch guide for instructions of the 1 to 5 increases and decreases. I don't see instructions. Can anyone give advice. I've scoured my books for information but I don't have any cable books either.