Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cable help!

I'm finding the cables to be VERY slow going. This is my first cable project and I'm trying very hard to make no mistakes. Last night, I got near the end of row 7, and realized that I somehow lost 2 of the stitches off of one of the 1-into-5 increases from the previous row. Does that make sense? One of my sets of 5 has only 3 stitches.

Is there a way to recover the 2 stitches without ripping back almost 2 whole rows? I was way too tired to think this through late last night, so maybe this is an easy fix. I plan to play with a swatch tonight to see if I can do it. I'm using felted tweed in a dark color -- it is so hard to see stitches clearly sometimes.

Thank you!!

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amy said...

I figured it out! Yes, it is possible to recreate the missing stitches. It took me an hour, pulling apart a series of increases on a swatch, but I figured it out. (Basically, all 5 sts are pulled through the same loop; I poked a tiny crochet hook through the loop holding the 3rd stitch, twisted it around to create a new loop, and pulled through the tail to create the 4th stitch, then did it again to create the 5th stitch.) It was REALLY tight. I pushed the yarn down to the cable so there was more room to work.