Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleeve Ribbing?

I was wondering if anyone had experimented with the length of the ribbing on the sleeve. I was using the magic loop method that was outlined so well on this KAL for the sleeves and have been happy so far but I was looking at the pictures of the sweater in the mag and I was considering modifying the amount of inches of ribbing on the sleeves to be a few inches less so it was around 5 inches like the body is. Has anyone already done this so that they have pictures or does anyone have any advice?

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Ceylan said...

I did something similar. Instead of repeating the ribbing for 72 rounds i only repeated for 60. I did this mainly because this is my second time knitting the sleeves and I wanted to get to the quick stockinette portion already, and because I didn't like the ribbing so far up my arm. I have just the one picture on my blog here .